Spa Services


Bliss Massage – Our therapists will customize this massage with Swedish movements and Basic Deep Tissue work to aid your body, mind and soul in a journey to perfect balance.
30 min/ $65 50 min/ $85 75 min/ $105
Indulge Massage – Our Bliss Massage with a synergy of Warm Aromatic Essential Oils and elevated touch that produce a heavenly experience.
30 min/$65 50 min/ $90 75 min/$110
Stone Massage – Our Bliss Massage with warm oil and warm stones will be incorporated into this massage.
30 min/ $65 50 min/ $95 75 min/ $115
Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage – Our therapists will discuss with you what area’s you would like them to focus on. Depending on your area’s of concern a full body massage may not be possible in the allotted time.
30 min/ $75 50 min/ $95
Pregnancy Massage – Special attention is directed to the areas that are challenged by the temporary imbalance to your center: back, hips, shoulders and neck.
30 min/ $65 50 min/ $85



Foot Rejuvenator – Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every part of the body. Our treatment includes a heavenly massage and reflexology combination on your feet that makes this a truly wonderful experience for tired and over-walked feet.
Allow 30 minutes/ $55
Scalp Treatment* – This treatment consists of a 20 minute upper back, neck and scalp massage. Your hair is then cleansed and conditioned.
Allow 30 minutes/ $45
*For $15.00 more you can add a blow dry and style
Refining Back Treatment – This two-part treatment exfoliates the back, smoothing away dead, rough skin while the second part hydrates and softens. First, a layer of exfoliant is massaged over the back. Then your back is wrapped in warm towels so the exfoliation process can occur. The treatment is rinsed off and followed by a triple action creme massage customized with aromatherapy oils based on your individual needs, leaving your skin exceptionally smooth and soft.
Allow 30 minutes/ $65
Indulge Body Polish* – This deep cleansing body polish will buff your skin soft leaving it glowing. An invigorating scrub is applied to your body removing the dead, dull skin cells. This invigoration also helps stimulate the lymph and blood circulation, aiding in the removal of impurities under the surface. To finish, hydrating lotion is then applied to your body. You’ll emerge from this treatment with smooth, soft, flake-free skin.
Allow 30 minutes/ $65
Aromatherapy Body Wrap* – Embark on a sensory journey that incorporates healing touch and aromatherapy to promote deep relaxation and soft, silky skin. Therapeutic Aromatherapy Oils are applied to your body as warm blankets cocoon you. You’ll drift into a state of pampered bliss as the fragrant molecules of warm oil penetrate your skin. As you are wrapped you will receive an Indian Head Massage. When you emerge you will be completely de-stressed with unbelievably smooth, soft skin.
Allow 30 minutes/ $65.00
*Indulge Body Polish and Aromatherapy Body Wrap Combination – $110.00
Siddha Body Detoxification – Derived from an ancient healing system originating in India called Siddha Vaidya, this treatment is designed to aid in the removal of toxins that impair cellular and tissue function, which is important in the anti-aging process. This very soothing massage using East Indian Sandalwood Oil puts your body and mind in a pampered state of bliss. Perfect if you are stressed, devitalized or if you are experiencing muscle or joint pain.
Allow 30 minutes/ $65 60 minute (includes wrap)/$90.00



Revitalizing Facial – During this facial you will receive a deep-cleansing, exfoliation and soothing massage of your face, scalp and neck. This service is great for men or women.
Allow 30 minutes/ $70
Radiant Facial – This enhanced European facial will bring balance to your skin. Starting with a deep cleansing and exfoliation. Then a soothing massage of your face, scalp and neck. Finishing with a customized mask to restore a healthy appearance. This service is customized for men and women.
Allow 45 minutes/ $90
Indulge Signature Facial – Indulge yourself during our Signature Facial as your body and soul become one. This facial includes our Radiant Facial plus an eye treatment and luxury hand treatment for a truly relaxing experience.
Allow 60 minutes/ $125

Each Facial is customized for your skin type. If you have any preferences before your facial please let us know when booking the appointment so we can make sure your scheduled for the appropriate time length and staff member. We have Estheticians and Cosmetologists that perform our facials. State law has different requirements for each licensed profession. Some determining factors would be: relaxation, extractions, basic exfoliation or aggressive exfoliation with peels (within our scope of practice). Before your service you will fill out a questionnaire where you will be able to list all your concerns.

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